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Working in partnership we enable your success. We help make changes, triggered by digitization to become your competitive advantage.


Your partner in achieving digital success.

Digitization means continuous and rapid change. We develop agility, the changeability of the organization and its employees, through change management. We increase your innovative power by means of idea management, creativity, strategy development and above all through the development of ideas into successful innovations. The focus for us is on people, technology and processes and also on your organization. Making an organization vital and agile is core to our work.

For more than a decade we have specialized digitization – the biggest driver of change and innovation today. We’re happy to share all of our learnings – for more details check out our latest articles in publications.

When tackling a customers’ challenge, 4-advice prefers to work on causes rather than symptoms. To find out what strengthens or weakens your company’s innovative strength, we use a self-developed Innovation Barometer, available online.

The key difference between 4-advice and other business consultants is our attitude. We meet our customers eye to eye and respect their knowledge and expertise. Our core competencies support our customers in a spirit of partnership.

Our Services

Digital Coaching & Training

Digital Coaching & Training

We support our customers’ digital transformation, in order to ensure employee engagement, competencies and an innovation-friendly culture.

Digital Coaching & Training

Implementation & Market launch

To transition from an idea to an innovation, you need the right skills and attitude – combined with the necessary toolkit. We can help you develop and apply all of these elements.



Digital Coaching & Training

Change & Innovation Consulting

We enable our customers to implement change and innovation efficiently and effectively. Innovation management is as much a part of this as the buy-in of relevant stakeholders.

Digital Coaching & Training

Visualization & Prototyping

PowerPoint is awesome, but building prototypes can be even better. We believe in the power of real-time, click and touch experiences – and deliver these services via 4-visuals.net.

Our core competences

Implementation of change, innovation and digitization – supported by our online services for visualization & prototyping.

Digital Coaching & Training

Organization & Business Models

Digitization & Development coaching

Change & Innovation Consulting

Creativity, Team and Strategy workshops

Innovative Products, Services & Business Models

Innovation Culture & Agile Organization

Implementation & Market Launch

Implementation of digital solutions

Organizational Design

Agile Beta version Market  Launch

Visualization & Prototyping

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Von 2017 nach 2018…

Von 2017… nach 2018 ist unser ganz persönlicher Jahresrückblick, gepaart mit einem Ausblick auf das Jahr 2018 und dessen Change & Innovation – egal ob ob analog oder digital.
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