Präsentationen erstellen lassen - PPTMaker Profis machen es

 When content is great but the format is not: Amending presentations by pro´s helps getting your message across – no matter if as a Powerpoint, video or infographic

Cannibalize your own business – before others do it

When I was once thinking about the future of consulting, I thought that many of those consultants making Powerpoint presentations on the customer site are somewhat overpaid for what they. And that they don´t really need to be on-site for that. Why not save tons of CO2, unproductive hours on the road and – yes – money spent for good presentations.


That´s why I had the idea to invent an online platform that delivers the goods at a significantly lower cost and in a very efficient way. This became PPTMaker.

Meanwhile we´ve gathered a lot of great references and done many very interesting projects providing “consulting over the phone and online”. Of course, for some very complex projects and when our customers want us to, we also go to the customer´s site in PPTMaker projects. What´s the usual day-to-day business at 4-advice is different though for PPTMaker projects. Usually clients want us to work remotely to safe time and money. And that is also our approach.


Unique Selling Proposition

Well everyone talks about the USP – so what is ours ? We have a compelling online platform with an automated workflow – for those customers who want to do everything online. Nevertheless many customers still call us by good old telephone. But even then, our online platform with integrated chat and automatic notifications, helps to ensure a seem- and frictionless process delivering great presentations. No matter if they are in the format of Microsoft Powerpoint, Videos or Infographics.

Beside the platform as such, there is another USP in comparison to other vendors: We unite a very profound consulting expertise with design competence. Our slides are not only eye candy, but also well structured with a logical and comprehensive storyline.


Frame Contract or Single Order

For large customers with a minimum order volume, we offer frame contracts. SMBs go through our platform and we make an individual offer for every presentation. The invest differs with what our customers want. We have different hourly rates for “design only”, “structure & design” and “infographics”. The mix determines the price.

Here is our new video promoting the PPTMaker. Let us know what you think – wer are looking to your feedback.


Please have a look at our hints on how to create a great presentation or at our self explanatory video  below that features how we help to make you stand out with your presentation.



you can also watch German version of video here:

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