How HR can enable digital leadership

How HR can enable digital leadership

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How HR can enable digital leadership

Author: Simon Schoop, Managing Director of 4-advice Change & Innovation

1      Part ten How HR can enable the leaders, so the company becomes a leader rather than a follower in times of digital transformation

It´s time for Barcelona again. Next week, on October 7th, I will be in the beautiful Palau de la Musica in downtown Barcelona to speak about the role of HR in times of digital transformation. It´s a pleasure to back – this time for the 3rd International Barcelona HR Conference. Normally speakers can´t speak there two times in a row. So I assume I got this honour mostly due to the fact, that it won´t be a normal key note this time, but a dialogue that involves Tim Steigert from General Electric with me on stage. 

Think of the Olympic games. The German motto is “Dabeisein ist alles” which translates roughly as “be part of it is what counts”. This will be the motto of our key note. But does it actually really apply for digitalization ?

Tim Steigert from GE and myself will explore this topic in our 20 minutes TED Talk format type of dialogue on stage. I won´t say much more about it for now, but will post more details and of course a summary of the event once it´s done. For now, please have a look at the teaser video on this site.

If people “think digital”, the perspective changes tremendously and enables the organization to cope with the change triggered by digitalization in the best possible way – to leverage it in order to become even more competitive ! 

„Digital transformation is the opportunity for HR to get into the driver seat, enabling the organization to become future-proof and by building the required skills'

Simon Schoop @ 2nd International Barcelona HR Conference

If you are still wondering whether to attend the 3rd International Barcelona HR Conference or not, check out my article on last year´s conference or visit the organizer´s website. I would be happy to have a chat to you there in one of the coffee or lunch breaks. And hey, there are not so many places like Barcelona… 🙂

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