Sharing insights on teaching digital innovation and transformation at Fresenius University

Sharing is caring – especially in the digital world we live in

Sharing might be work, but it´s great fun. Also it helps me to synthesize and structure the insights we gain from 4-advice and PPTMaker projects as well as from reading – and therefore ultimately helps myself to digest knowledge and transform it into knowledge of greater worth. And it´s a little contribution to sustainability, because I believe that sharing is caring. Read about sharing insights on teaching digital innovation and transformation at Fresenius University.


The more of what we share, the less the same things need to be invented again and again, consuming the scarce resources of our planet and our brains.”Eating our own dogfood” means that I am benefitting a lot from teaching myself – I can only confirm the old saying “the one who teaches, learns the most” which is well in line with the 4-advice philosophy for learning, the learning pyramid.Also, the collaboration with Prof. Dr. Richard Geibel, who leads economy and entrepreneurship at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, is simply working out great. It is not at all bureaucratic or slow paced and therefore a real pleasure. Today, I would like to share how my first year as university lecturer at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Cologne is going. I hope you like the little video at least as much as my students like what I share with them. If you need more insights on the Digital Management Master studies at Fresenius, please visit their internet site.

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